Data Breach Compensation Claim

Were you affected by the easyJet Data Breach in 2020?

You could be entitled to claim compensation from easyJet for the breach of your personal data.

To join the claim, all you need is a notification email from easyJet informing you of the breach, which was sent between April and July 2020. 

What is the easyJet Data Breach?

easyJet announced on 
19 May 2020 that the personal data of 9 million customers had been exposed in a data breach.

Customers were informed that anyone who booked easyJet flights or holidays between
17 October 2019 and 4 March 2020 may have been affected.

Despite notifying the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office of the breach in January 2020, the airline chose to wait four months to notify its customers.

About the claim

Which personal details were compromised?

The personal data breached includes:

  • Full names
  • Email addresses
  • Travel data (including personal information about departures, arrivals, and booking dates. 

The exposure of individuals’ personal travel patterns may pose security risks to individuals and is a gross invasion of privacy.

easyJet also revealed that approximately 2,200 passengers had their credit card data stolen, including expiry dates and CVV numbers.

What did easyJet do to help?

Following the discovery of the data breach in January 2020, easyJet waited four months to inform their customers that their data had been breached.

In their notification email, easyJet simply told customers to continue “to be alert as you would normally be, especially with any unsolicited communications.

Customers whose financial details were stolen by potential cyber criminals were offered a free 12-month membership to a credit checking service to help them to monitor any suspicious use of their identity. 

Are you eligible to join the easyJet Data Breach Claim?

More than 9 million people were affected by the easyJet breach and PGMBM is already representing thousands of them.

If you received an email from easyJet between April and July 2020, notifying you that there had been a breach of customer data, you are eligible to join our compensation claim. 

As both PGMBM and easyJet are based in the UK, we can legally bring claims on behalf of all affected customers irrespective of where they live.

In under a minute you can start your claim with us and help hold easyJet accountable for their poor security arrangements. 

Claim compensation for the easyJet data breach now

Join our group action against easyJet today and join thousands of people from all around the world who have also been affected by the easyJet data breach.

PGMBM are group action litigation experts and are currently the lead solicitors representing thousands of clients in a similar claim against British Airways for the 2018 BA data breach.

By joining the easyJet data breach claim today, our dedicated team will make your claim for compensation simple and stress free.

We understand the repercussions and severity of having your data breached and the financial loss, distress and inconvenience it can cause you.

It is time to hold easyJet to account for its wrongdoing and abuse of power.

Why is it important to sign up?

While the breach of your basic information, such as your name and email address, may not seem too damaging at first glance, it could be a part of the data required by hackers to:
– Open new accounts
– Make purchases
– Commit criminal activities in your name.


Article 82 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) states that you have a right to compensation for non-material damage.

This means those affected are entitled to compensation for any stress, frustration, and anxiety they experienced because of the easyJet data breach.  

If you received the data breach notification email from easyJet, whether you experienced any direct consequences or not, you have the right to seek compensation for the loss of control of your data and the serious risks associated with it.



Hold easyJet to account for failing to protect your data.


If eligible, you could receive compensation for easyJet’s wrongdoing.


PGMBM will ensure that your claim for compensation is simple and stress free.

Join the easyJet Data Breach Claim with PGMBM

PGMBM is a top international law firm and we are passionate about giving victims a voice against corporate wrongdoing.

We have specialist expertise in group claims and are currently litigating against several multinational corporations including VW, Mercedes, Uber, BHP, British Airways, and many more.

PGMBM is the lead firm in a similar claim against British Airways, currently supporting thousands of customers in their compensation claims.

We will always do everything in our power to hold easyJet to account and obtain the compensation that we believe our clients deserve.

By joining PGMBM’s group action with thousands of other affected easyJet customers you have the best chance of receiving the highest compensation possible.

It takes under a minute to sign up.

Get started now.


Yes. As both easyJet and PGMBM are based in the UK, we can bring claims on behalf of all affected clients irrespective of where they live. 

We cannot currently put a final figure on this, but our team of expert solicitors and barristers are aiming to win as much money as possible. We believe this could be up to £2,000 depending on individual circumstances.  

The easyJet data breach claim is being litigated as a group action, meaning it grows stronger as more people sign up. If you know anyone who may have been affected, please encourage them to join the claim. 

We will keep you updated as the case progresses.  

It will not cost you a penny to sign up to join the claim.  By acting on a No-Win, No-Fee basis, you will only pay a percentage of the damages awarded to you if the case is successful. 

If we don’t win the case, you will not pay anything. We will cover all the legal, court, and insurance costs. All you need to do is submit your details to our Chatbot and we will advise you on how to move forward. 

To join our claim, the main piece of information you will need is a notification email from easyJet, which was sent between April and July 2020.  

The email had the subject line ‘Cyber Security Incident’ and stated that those affected were individuals who booked easyJet flights or holidays between 17 October 2019 and 4 March 2020.  

It is important that you have retained this email to be able to claim, so please check your junk and spam folders, too. 

Aside from the notification email, all you will need is your name, email address, and phone number.

It takes under a minute to start your sign up and begin the process to claiming your compensation. 

To start your claim, all you need to do is submit your name, email address, home address, and phone number via our Chatbot. We will then send you a short questionnaire to confirm your eligibility and gather some further information.
Once we have carried out all the necessary checks, we will contact you to let you know if your application to join the claim has been successful. There’s nothing further to do at this point except sit back and let us do all the legal work!

We aim to update you on the progress of your claim every three months.  

Don’t forget, you do not pay anything to sign up, so why wait? 

If you received an email from easyJet about your involvement with the breach between April 2020 and July 2020, you are eligible to join the claim. To claim compensation, you will need access to the email. 

Once you have submitted your details to us, we will review it and determine your eligibility. 

There are no risks or initial costs involved, and all your information is kept secure and confidential.  

We appreciate that you may not keep emails from a year ago and so we are doing our best to assist you with this problem. Please still get in touch with us if you think you received the notification email but no longer have access to it.
Don’t forget to check your junk and spam emails for a message titled ‘Cyber Security Incident’. 

PGMBM is committed to successfully resolving your claim as soon as possible. However, the case is still in the early stages and we cannot put a time frame on how long it may take at this point.  

You will not pay anything unless the case is successful. If the case is won, you will be charged a maximum of 30% of your compensation. 

No. You will not have to pay anything if we don’t win the claim, provided that you keep to the terms of our sign up documents. This is what we mean by No-Win, No-Fee. 

There is currently no time limit in place. However, the court will implement a cut-off date in due course so we advise that you sign up as soon as possible.  

The claim will be processed as a group action, meaning we will litigate on behalf of all our claimants under one ‘umbrella’. This makes the claim stronger, faster, and easier to move forward. 

All of our claims are carried out in this way, meaning our team are highly skilled in this form of litigation. With PGMBM, you can rest assured that your claim is in good hands and that you have the best possible chance of compensation. 

Group action claims are strengthened by the amount of people who sign up, so, if you know anyone else who may have been affected, please encourage them to join. 

Your claim will be brought to court under the Data Protection Act 2018, which incorporates the GDPR.  

We believe that easyJet have misused your private information and breached your privacy, which will be the focus of our argument.  

Yes, everyone affected by the data breach is entitled to claim and we will guide you through every step of the process.
Don’t wait: Join now. 


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